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Food and Drink

Food and Drink in the nursery

We promote healthy eating throughout the nursery and ensure that children are eating a range of healthy food throughout the day. Each week, there will be a new menu in place from our 4 week rolling program. Children will be encouraged to try foods, and parents will be informed whether their child at all, most or some of the meal in their child's day planner. 


All meals provided will be prepared onsite.

Baby stars who are still formula based will drink milk provided from home. When baby stars begin to eat foods, we will endeavor to provide them with pureed food, gradually building up to solids. This will, always, be in conjunction with the parents.


We will also provide a vegetarian and vegan option if needed and will fully cater for specific dietary needs based on the individual children.  


There will be water on offer throughout the day. Fresh milk will also be provided and will be on offer during snack time and breakfast time..


Sample Menu

The 4-week rolling menu is currently being updated for the Autumn Term. Please see the Summer Menu for an idea of what meals are available onsite.

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