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 Extra Curricula Activities​: Out & About


At Creative Stars, we believe that it is important to give children exposure to a range of different activities. We offer various extra curricula activities in the local environment, including but not exclusive to:

  • Rhyme Time at Forest Hill Library

  • Baby Bounce at Forest Hill Library

  • Local Park

  • Library Visits

  • Local Shops

Library Visits, Rhyme Time and Baby Bounce


The children take part in rhyme time and baby bounce  sessions as a small group at the library. We also go to the library to read books together.

Expressive arts and Design:

The children are singing, dancing and playing instruments

throughout both sessions and are actively involved in the sessions

Communication and Language

Children partake in singing songs and rhymes, listening to Molly

use her guitar and repeating rhymes and refrains


Physical development:


Children are using their hands for actions and to play instruments.

Local Park


The children frequently go to the local park with staff and use the play equipment within.


Physical development:

Children are able to access provision not provided at the nursery, such as swings, a bigger slide

and climbing frames. Children develop their balance, coordination and awareness of how to stay

safe when using equipment and when crossing the road.


Understanding the World

We believe that it is important for children to explore their local environment and observe

Nature within their local environment.

Local Shops



The children take part in visits to the local shops to enhance their learning experiences. We encourage children to be a part of the local community, pay for goods and bag the shopping too.

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