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Our Staff Team

Creative Stars is a family developed company. We believe in giving staff continued professional development to ensure that they can give the children within our care the best care possible. 
All staff have enhanced DBS checks, Level 2 Food Hygiene certification and Level 3 Paediatric First Aid certification within the staff members probation period. All management work directly with the children onsite.
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Baby Stars

In the baby stars group we have babies from 3 months until approaching their 2nd birthday. Baby Stars also have access to the main room and join the older children at key points throughout the day. Planning is based in the Prime Areas of learning, focussed on developing basic baby skills.


Shining Stars

Shining stars and Super stars share the main room. The shining stars are aged 2-3. Although the shining stars are based with the super stars, they have tailored planning to suit their individual needs. Planning is based in the Prime Areas of learning and developing skills to move onto the Super Star group.

Super Stars

Super stars share the main room with the younger shining stars. Children within this phase are our pre-schoolers. The superstar group have specific planning in place to ensure independence is taught as well as developing skills to enable children to be ready for school.

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