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Home Learning

We encourage parents to enrich their children's learning in the home environment. Parents are given the curriculum overview which details what the children will be learning about throughout the year. Parents can try some of these ideas at home with their children.

During parents consultations, starting school presentations and 2 year old progress checks, parents are also given child targets and resources to help achieve the targets.

One of the main things we encourage at home is reading. Read with your children as often as possible and discuss what is being read. Talk about the book, characters and setting where applicable.

We have had many children throughout the years who start reading with us here at Creative Stars. When we believe that the child has the needed phonetic skills, we will discuss with parents the next steps in them beginning their reading journey. Parents are also invited to a phonics workshop so they can help their child within the home. We use the Songbirds Phonics Reading Book scheme and children can take books from the nursery to read at home with their parents.

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