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Extra Curricula Activities

Internal Extra Curricula Activities​


At Creative Stars, we believe that it is important to give children exposure to a range of different activities.

We offer various extra curricula activities from staff within the setting, including but not exclusive to:

  • Cooking

  • Languages (French and Italian)

  • Coding

  • Yoga

  • Dance


In addition to this, we have specialist staff who come to the nursery

on a weekly basis to provide extra curricula activities.

These sessions are offered to parents without any additional cost. 

Arts & Crafts


The children take part in Arts and Crafts sessions as a small group or 1:1 for more intricate creations. Kelley follows the nursery long term planning to make and create things linked tothe children’s learning and interests. Items have included robots, minibeasts, Chinese new

year dragon.

Expressive arts and Design:


The children are actively making things linked to their learning. They are seeing how to

make things and using a arrange of resources and materials to create. Children are

encouraged to add details to make their creations unique, such as eyes and hair. Children

actively create and use their imagination to make their creation even better.

Physical development:


Children are using mainly their hands to create, focussing on fine motor skills such as

holding, gluing, sticking, cutting and pressing. Children are reminded of

handling items with care, such as scissors and staplers.


The children actively take part in the session, being given various opportunities foreffective learning as detailed


  • 1:1 Support to create something special

  • Ability to incorporate child’s own ideas

  • Choosing which resources to use and learning how to use them safely


Music & Movement


The children take part in Music and Movement sessions as a large group. 


Communication and Language / Expressive arts and Design


Song are used throughout the session. The children sing along and take part in copy my echo songs as well as songs with actions. Stefano will ask the children questions linked to their learning, especially what they can hear and encourages children to work together

as a group.

Physical development:


Children perform actions, play small percussion instruments and listen to instructions when participating. They further include actions such as stretching, banging, dancing and moving freely. To end the session, Stefano plays songs requested by the children, allowing them to move as the music makes them feel.

The children actively take part in the session, being given various opportunities for effective learning as detailed below:


  • Taking part in group activities

  • Choosing ways to move their bodies

  • All abilities and ages are welcome! We want children to enjoy taking part

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